Likes: Yoga, Meditation, TV Productions.

Dislikes: Summer, Eggplants.

Favorite Food: Rice and Beans.

Favorite Quote: “It’s a gift, and a curse” Monk.

Bruno Duprat is a composer for many years now, working with short films, animations and tv placements, also working with audio engineering, sound design and performing arts. He started composing with fifteen years old, worked with names such as Ron Carter, Pelé, TYGA, Grammy Winner Ruriá Duprat. Have worked as composer in projects as ANTES QUE SEJA TARDE, by Alexandre Dubiela; HEART STRINGS, by Doug Cabot; THE LEGEND OF THE SLEEPING BEAR DUNES, by Johanna Oswald (To be released); THE ILLUSTRATOR, by Luis Campbell (Australia). His first album release, in 2009 was LICK/ KAOS; in 2016 had an EP1 Release, LoveTAP/ SEEDS OF DAWN; and Pop Single Release, Sons Of Fate/ SUNNY DAYS, available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify!

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