Likes: Busting out a riff that sits just right. Apocalyptic FPS’s. David Lynch and Fincher movies.

Dislikes:… autosave wasn’t set?!?

Favorite Food: The accident of grease, salt, crunchy stuff and some cheese & tomatoes from the pizzaria down the street.

Favorite Quote: “Always be ready to exploit musical happy accidents” -an unknown busker

My name is Brian Holtz. I am a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Chicago, IL. My first music experience began when I was tall enough to reach the keys of the family piano to figure out melodies from TV and radio. In the 2nd grade I co-opted my brothers electric guitar and cassette recorder and set to writing and recording cassette albums featuring lots of guitar, reverb, hand percussion and voice. Since high school I have formed multiple bands, toured professionally in the US and Europe and written music and sound design for multiple independent films, video games and CD/streaming releases. I hold degrees in music composition and continue to refine my writing for picture as well as recording and producing other artists in my Chicago studio.

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