Likes: My wife and kids, Getting to know people, peaceful vacations, Christmas season, scoring music to great story telling, my job, my sleep

Dislikes: non-productive situations, right now…. politics,

Favorite Food: anything from Olio e Limone, My wife or daughters cooking, Wendy’s double cheese (lettuce, pickle, tomato only)

Favorite Quote: “You never have to be afraid  to do the right thing” P. Vischer

Media, and records are how I’ve made my living for over 25 years, scoring 17 series, over 600 prime time episodes of Television. including “That 70s Show” and  “Its a Miracle”. Other placements include “Will & Grace”, “the Hughleys”, “Reba”, and numerous reality shows. I penned the Main Title for 12 series. For Feature Films I’ve scored  the Jim Henson feature film “Sid the Science Kid”, Death Grip for Action Pact Ent. “My Dog the Space Traveler” – Dreamscape Entertainment. Awards are 3 time “Top Rated Television Series” Award winner, as well as 2 time “Network Series Award” winner and a 3 time “Local/Syndicated TV Performance” award winner.

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