Likes: A good Manhattan cocktail, dogs, trying new restaurants, new technologies, self improvement books, and my girlfriend 😉

Dislikes:  Know it alls, creative stagnation, GIFs, laziness

Favorite Food: Mexican food…  Of course!  And Steak Frites from L’Assiette

Favorite Quote: “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” -Jim Rohn

Bradley is a producer, engineer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Los Angeles California. Bradley has worked on blockbuster movies, totaling over $1 Billion in box office sales and with Platinum selling artists that include; The Lonely Island, Gotye, and G-Eazy. Bradley Is currently the head engineer for Mark Mothersbaugh at Mutato Muzika in Los Angeles California. He continues to work on major motion picture releases, television series, and most recently he has produced and composed original music for the animated series pilot “Cannon Busters” from Boondock’s producer, LeSean Thomas.

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