Likes: Chopin, The Beatles, ambient sound, travel
Dislikes: rain, humidity, picardy third
Favorite Food: anything grilled
Favorite Quote: “Art is the highest form of hope.”

Boris Skalsky is a musician, composer, and songwriter releasing and writing music through a number of projects. His work ranges from the quiet folk of solo acoustic releases, ambient rock of bands Dead Heart Bloom and Phaser, contemporary classical instrumental works, and experimental electronics of the synth collective Tiger Mountain. He was also a member and bassist of Skysaw, Jimmy Chamberlin’s post Smashing Pumpkins band, and is a co-founder of record label Ephemeral Arts. A graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, Boris has written and performed for the concert stage. Premieres and recordings include four string quartets, art songs, piano works, an orchestral overture titled Memoriae, and a recent collection of his latest work called Diversions. His music has been featured in both television and film.

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