Likes: Funky Grooves, Chill Times with Good Friends, when a plan comes together
Dislikes: Sadness, No follow-thru
Favorite Food: Extra Cheese Pizza
Favorite Quote: “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”  Nicolas Chamfort

Bill Stanfield is Songwriter/composer and guitarist for the Music Duo “The Season of Us”. He has been playing and writing professionally since he was ten years old performing on the East Coast “Chitin Circuit” Back in the Day”. He moved to the Hollywood Area 1984 (Ghost writing and producing) and remained there thru out 2014. His compositions have been featured on VH1 (Sober House and Celebrity Rehab), MTV (Made and Making his Band), TLC (Wedding Crashers) & Discovery Health (Runaway Moms) among others. He currently is retired from the Hollywood Shuffle and lives in Northern California and performs music with his wife, Stephanie, who plays the Flute.

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