Likes: Family time, ice skating, chocolate. Listening to string music, Brazilian popular and lyrical songs. Humility. I’m old fashioned.
Dislikes: Excessive amount of Marvel movies. Racism. Socks with flip-flops. Penny pinching.
Favorite Food: sushi from Ecuador
Favorite Quote: “It is the time you spend on your rose that makes your rose so important” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Belén is an LA-based composer, songwriter and figure skater originally from Ecuador. As she grew up, ice figure skating led her to discover her love for music and scores. In 2014, Belén was admitted to study at Berklee Valencia’s Film Scoring program with a scholarship. During that time, she often recorded works with live ensembles. In 2015, she conducted her music at Abbey Road Studios for the first time with a 50-piece orchestra. Since then, she has scored three short films. In 2017, one of her end credit songs received the award for Best Vocal Song in a Short Film at the Garden State Film Festival. Belén recently won first place in a National Songwriting Contest in Ecuador with her first single release, a pasillo named “Lágrimas de Abril.”

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