Likes: Seeking knowledge

Dislikes: Sheeple

Favorite Food: Ceviche de Pescado

Favorite Quote: “It wasn’t me”

Someone mentioned to me when I was much younger, maybe 15 or 16 years old, that the music that I make could be used in a movie. At the time, I primarily composed in the genres but I have always thought of my compositions as my diary entries. I compose what I am feeling at the time it is written so you may feel emotionally connected to some pieces as these emotions are human emotions. I have been a student of the art nearly my entire life and I like to think of myself as always learning. Learning new ways to understand others emotions and convey them with music or different nuances in composing and orchestration that can make your audience feel a certain way. It is my goal to make you happy, laugh, cry, frightened, enlightened, confident, sad or just plain blahhh.


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