Likes: Music in minor keys, martial arts, animals, family and my beautiful wife.
Dislikes: Cold weather and writer’s block
Favorite Food: Pizza (preferably Hawaiian — but I’m not picky)
Favorite Quote: “Pursue your dreams now…because you don’t want to get old and think of what could have been.“ – Mei Ling

Alexander is a multi-instrumentalist originally from Seattle, and currently residing in Kansas City. He’s been a songwriter for over the past 20 years and “His ability to adapt his musical stylings has led to countless collaborations around the world.” – Matt Dune (Find My Song). After proactively inheriting a large quantity of recording hardware/software, Alex self-taught himself  audio engineering/production and produces artists and projects at his recording studio. In December of 2016, Alex decided to make the jump from his full time job as an electrical engineer, to pursue his passion of music by focusing on writing for film and media.

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