Likes: my wife
Dislikes: murderers
Favorite Food: Mexican food
Favorite Quote: “I’m a rocker; I don’t care for rules.” – Homer Simpson

Thomen is a performer of jazz, rock, and classical piano, a composer/arranger of jazz, rock, pop, orchestra, and a recording artist. He has had experience arranging for jazz combos, chamber groups, solo piano, vocal ensembles, orchestra, and rock groups. After graduating from Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Composition, Thomen relocated to Nashville, TN. It is here that he worked toward his Master’s in Commercial Music Composition and Arranging. These degrees have prepared him for the competitive music industry, boasting a high level of musical proficiency, technical ability, and student debt. For his Master’s thesis, Thomen composed, arranged, produced, and mixed his first album– Matter of Time EP. Combining elements of rock, pop, funk, and jazz, the Matter of Time EP is a representation Thomen’s compositional creativity, production proficiency, and pianistic ability. In addition, Thomen’s education and experience have helped refine his skills in contemporary music production for Film/TV/Games. From ambient, musical soundscapes to fantastical, orchestral pieces, Thomen’s creative output encompasses a vast variety of moods, settings, and themes.

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