Likes: Theme parks, running, fireworks
Dislikes: Slow drivers, peanut butter, non-direct flights
Favorite Food: Curried lentils
Favorite Quote: “I think music is a stream of some kind. It could be blood. It could be water. It could be ether. Whatever it is it seems to be a living, organic force that’s in motion, that serves humanity and is part of what describes us as humans. As musicians, we join the stream. We swim in the stream with all the other millions of music makers. It’s a life force, a strong one, surrounding us and we are part of it.” – John Williams

Alastair Adams is a composer and pianist from Manchester, UK. Having started on the piano at the age of 7, he’s been into composition for well over a decade and in 2015 co-founded Metronomix Studios with fellow VGM artist Max McGuire. Together they have achieved many of their dreams, including attending a red-carpet premiere in LA and conducting their own score at Abbey Road Studio 1 in London! Although he’s heavily into film music, Alastair’s favorite composer is Mozart. When not doing anything musical, Alastair’s a huge theme park enthusiast and can often be found at Alton Towers, or one of many other European or US theme parks (hopefully Disneyland California!)

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