Likes: Great Stories, Traveling, Sound, Driving Fast, Gear
Favorite Food:Aguachile
Favorite Quote:”The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay

Abe Yepez has been a dedicated musician and artist since early age. Composing, playing and experimenting with fresh sounds and new technology, have been a very important part of his life. That quest and commitment leaded him to cross paths with a few great opportunities. From working as associated producer with the two best advertising dedicated studios in Mexico City, to playing underground electronica live sets, in small gatherings, and even a huge one like the Love Parade Mexico 2004 with more than two hundredth thousand attendants. His focus when young was to discover and then nurture his own voice. This adds a particular touch inside his music. Guitar Player, Synth Lover and Technology Freak. He is always looking for the latest trend regarding sound and music generation. A great love for Jazz, Orchestral Music, Progressive Rock and also Electronic Music, has been a key factor, towards his goal to deliver a unique style and sound.

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