Likes: The Los Angeles Lakers and a hearty breakfast

Dislikes: Untangling ear buds

Favorite Food: Spencer Steak from Soot Bull Jeep

Favorite Quote: “Is anyone here a marine biologist?”

Aaron Moore, a native of Los Angeles, is a composer, producer, and guitarist. He grew up dabbling in piano and clarinet, but found his true footing with guitar. After realizing he wouldn’t be the best guitar shredder on Earth, he gravitated to making music as part of his high school Electronic Music course. It was there he learned the basic tricks of the trade in recording, sampling, and coming up with musical ideas. Nowadays In pursuing a career in music making and scoring for media, he attributes electronic based music as main inspiration, and produces tracks under the moniker “Basketball Camp” on the side. He is a graduate of CalArts (BFA ’10) and New York University (MM’14). “

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