VGM091 Artist Series Vol 6 – Kira Bornemann – Antiparadise


Album Description

In a utopian world, a girl is haunted by nightmarish visions after she stumbles upon a window to an alternate dimension. The organic textures are simultaneously beautiful and haunting. The pianos sweet and solemn. The strings reflective and foretelling. Program these tracks for your stores of otherworldly beauty and mystery.

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Kira Bornemann VGM Artist Series Interview

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) of choice

Logic Pro

Favorite Media Composers

Koji Kondo is my all-time favorite. When I hear “Song of Healing” from Zelda, it always brings tears to my eyes. Two other favorites of mine are Eric Serra who did the soundtrack to Fifth Element and Roger Neill, known for his theme music for Mozart in the Jungle.

Favorite Scores

– The Matrix
– Steamworld Dig 2 “El Machino”
– Bioshock Infinite “Welcome to Columbia”
– Original Myst “Planetarium”

Discuss your personal creative workflow

When I watch a scene, melodies come into my head very quickly. Always monophonic. I will sit down on the piano and play a line that I hear in my head while the scene plays and see what evolves. Sometimes I will take a break from watching the scene to see what music comes to my head while I am not watching it. It is powerful to take yourself away from the work environment for a moment to see what your mind creates. Even in the shower, might think of a violin line that wouldn’t come to my mind if I was sitting in front of the computer.

Discuss the theme of your Artist Series album

I wrote it based on a story plot in which a girl lives in a utopia and stumbles upon a window to a nightmarish alternate dimension. Theme is dark, dream-like, nostalgic, and romantic. I like exploring positive, manic emotions along with the total opposite: dark and somber.